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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to change my order?

We process orders quickly, but we’ll do our best to accommodate any changes to your order. Please send an email to and put ‘URGENT CHANGE ORDER’ in the email subject line. While we can’t guarantee we will be able to change it before it ships (our warehouse works really fast!), we will certainly try to help you!

When will I get my order?

We strive to ship all orders as soon as possible at the best shipping rates available. Orders are processed and shipped during normal business hours, Monday through Fridays only. Orders received before 12 PM EST are processed the same day. Orders placed after 12 PM EST are processed on the following business day. A shipping confirmation email with tracking details will be sent to you on the day your order is shipped. Shipping time frames will vary depending on address and shipment method select.

What’s the status of my order?

Please send an email to, and we'd be glad to check on the order for you.

What shipping method do you use?

To provide our customers with the best possible shipping rates, our default method is through the US Postal Service.

Will I receive a tracking number when my order ships?

Yes! You will get a shipment confirmation email with all of the details. If you can't find that email, don't worry - we've got you covered! Just email us at We will get your tracking information and send it over as soon as possible!

Can I expedite the shipping on my order?

Yes, that is an option we offer our customers. For domestic or European orders, we offer the option to ship via UPS which can speed up your delivery date. For European orders shipped by UPS, you can expect delivery within 1 to 2 weeks vs. the US Postal Service, which could take between 4 to 6 weeks for delivery to Europe. All orders will ship from our warehouse in Pennsylvania from zip code 16301. Please check the UPS site for transit time estimates.

Do you ship internationally?

Great news! We offer international shipping to many countries around the globe. A full list of countries are available in the checkout section of

Still have questions about ordering and shipping?

Feel free to email us at anytime at for individual consumer orders, for wholesale orders, or for international orders. We are here to help!

What is the Babiators Lost & Found Guarantee™?

We believe outfitting your child with Safe, Durable, and Awesome products is too important to let the loss of your Babiators product get in the way of your adventures! If your little aviator's Babiators products are lost or broken within one year of purchase, and you have completed the registration process within 30 days of purchase, we will send you one FREE product replacement (*All you pay is the $8.95 shipping cost for orders within the US. International shipping costs vary by country.). Please note that your replacement product is for the same size and color as your original purchase.

How do I register my Babiators?

It’s easy! Go to Enter your contact information and the 12 digit UPC code found on your Babiators packaging. The 12 digit UPC code is found at the bottom of the barcode located on your product packaging / tag. Once your information is submitted, you will get an email from with your unique guarantee registration number. Keep this number somewhere safe - just in case your Babiators are lost or broken within one year from the date of registration. Please see the example UPC/bar code below:

EXAMPLE UPC CODE = 857788003026

What if I lose my registration number?

Not a problem! Please visit, click on the Forgotten Registration tab, and submit your email address. You will receive a reminder email with your registration number within minutes. If not received, please send an email to

How do I get my replacement product?

If you lose or break your Babiators within one year of purchase, don't worry, we've got you covered! Simply go to and enter your unique guarantee replacement code to order your replacement Babiators. As a reminder, you will need to pay the $8.95 shipping costs within the US. International shipping costs vary by country. These costs are automatically calculated for you at checkout.

How long will it take to receive my replacement Babiators?

We understand the urgency in wanting to get your Babiators replacement product back into the hands of your little aviators! We will work hard to get your replacement product to you as soon as possible, but please allow up to two weeks to receive your shipment. *Please note if you live outside of the USA, the shipment time may be a bit longer.

Can I get a replacement product with my registration number from the store where I made my Babiators purchase?

We love our retail partners and hope you visit your local Babiators retailer again soon, however, retail stores are not able to provide customers with replacement products. The Babiators Lost & Found Guarantee™ is centrally managed from our website and direct warehouse. Don't worry, we will take great care of you!

Can I submit more than one guarantee claim at a time and pay only one shipping charge?

We hear you and would like to help, however, our redemption system only allows for one product replacement per transaction / per unique guarantee registration number.

Can I order additional Babiators products while submitting a redemption claim?

We're thrilled that you want to order more Babiators products! Unfortunately, we are not able to combine new item purchase transactions with redemption/product replacement transactions. Our online store and our guarantee redemption systems are separate programs.

Can I select a different product, color, or size when submitting a redemption claim?

We are glad to know you are interested in our other colors, styles, and products. That said, our guarantee program only offers an exact replacement for the product that was lost or broken.

Is the guarantee program honored world wide?

Participation outside of the USA varies based on country. During the registration process, there is a pull down menu that shows which countries currently honor the guarantee program. Additional verifications may be required as part of the registration and/or redemption process. Please note that the Babiators guarantee is only valid on products purchased from authorized Babiators retailers and distributors.

Where else can I get more details about the guarantee program?

A full outline of the Babiators Lost & Found Guarantee™ program is available on our website. Please visit and scroll down to section 8 for additional information.

Still have questions about our Lost & Found Guarantee™ program?

Feel free to email us anytime at We are here to help!

What are Babiators products made of?

Sunglasses (original and polarized)

Babiators are made of a soft and flexible rubber material which makes them super comfortable and virtually indestructible. Lenses are made from impact and shatter-resistant polycarbonate – the same material used in most adult sunglasses. The rubber material used in Babiators frames (specifically called thermoplastic rubber, a blend of rubber and polyester), is also used in a range of medical applications (like breathing tubes, IVs etc.) and is actually often recommended as a safe alternative to PVC. Our glasses are not made from PVC or vinyl.


Submariners frames and lenses are made of impact and shatter-resistant polycarbonate. The gasket around the mask, and the strap and the gasket around the mask are made from liquid silicone. The submarine case is made of plastic.

Accessories packs

The Babiators carrying case is made of cotton, the lens cloth is a super soft microfiber, and the strap is made of microfiber and neoprene.

Rocket Packs

Our awesome Rocket Pack backpack is a polyester/nylon blend. To be more exact the exterior is 80% Polyester and 20% Nylon. The inner lining is 100% Polyester.

Are Babiators products BPA free?

As you can imagine, safety is a top priority for us. We test each component of our sunglasses (polycarbonate lenses, flexible rubber frames, cardboard box, etc.) and all other products for a variety of substances, including BPA. All of our products have always passed these regulatory tests.

What is the difference between the Original and Polarized sunglasses?

All Babiators are UV400 lenses offering 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays. Our Polarized sunglasses have an additional coating that reduces sun glare. A polarized lens reduces glare from surfaces like water, snow, and glass, and helps you to see more clearly. While polarized lenses may be a bit more expensive than conventional sunglasses, some consumers prefer polarized sunglasses because they selectively block out glare, rather than making the whole field of vision dimmer. Polarized lenses are recommended for children under the age of 18 because the lenses in children’s eyes are clearer (with less pigmentation) than those in an adult's lens, which allows for greater levels of damaging UV light to enter the eye.

Are Babiators sunglasses Rx-able?

Babiators are Rx-able for certain prescriptions (-4 to +4). It's at the discretion of the optician.

What size Babiators sunglasses should I purchase for my child?

Every little aviator grows at different stages and the fit will depend on the size of your child. As a general guideline the Junior size fits most children ages Birth to 2 years and the Classic size fits most children ages 3 to 5 years. To help you consider what size to order, you can refer to our product dimensions.

For the Junior Aviators size: Front frame width = 4.33 in, Lens height = 1.56 in, Lens diagonal = 1.77 in, Temple length = 3.94 in.

For the Classic Aviators size: Front frame width = 4.53 in, Lens height = 1.77 in, Lens diagonal = 1.87 in, Temple length = 4.13 in. When in doubt, we recommend ordering a size up.

For the Junior Navigators size: Front frame width = 4.25 in, Lens height = 1.31 in, Lens diagonal = 1.63 in, Temple length = 3.54 in.

For the Classic Navigators size: Front frame width = 4.45 in, Lens height = 1.38 in, Lens diagonal = 1.71 in, Temple length = 3.71 in. When in doubt, we recommend ordering a size up.

Aces fueled by Babiators is our line for children ages 6+. Aces Aviators measurements: Front frame = 2.125 in, Lens height = 1.5 in, Temple length = 7 in.

Aces Navigators measurements: Front frame width = 5.18 in, Lens height = 1.45 in, Lens diagonal = 1.92 in, Temple length = 4.37 in.

How should I care for my Babiators products?

Sunglasses (original and polarized)

Babiators sunglasses can be cleaned simply with warm water and soap. For optimal cleansing we recommend using a combination of warm water, soap, and vinegar. Use a soft lint-free lens cloth for cleaning the lenses.


Babiators Submariners have an anti-fog coating on the inner side of the lens. The best way to clean it is to rinse it with water, shake off the water and let air dry. Rubbing the lens with cloth can easily damage the anti-fog coating and thus affect the anti-fog function. Do not use any type of soap to clean the lens. If there is a chance anti-fog weakens after long time use, you may purchase an anti-fog solution at a drugstore, a sporting goods, or a divers supply store to restore the anti-fog coating.

Rocket Packs

Babiators Rocket Packs can be spot cleaned with warm water and mild detergent, and then air dried. Do not iron.

Have more product questions?

Feel free to email us anytime at We are here to help!

Can I make changes to my order after it is placed?

Due to the high volume of transactions, we are unable to make changes to orders placed during a sitewide sale. Please ensure your order is accurate by reviewing the details of your order, such as size and color, before checking out.

How do I use my discount code?

During checkout, you will find a field labeled gift card or discount code. Please enter your code into this field and be sure to click apply!

I am using Apple Pay and I don’t see a field for a discount code at checkout?

You may want to consider using a different form of payment, in order to take advantage of a promotion! Please note that Apple Pay does not support discount codes on any platform.

How can I get free shipping?

Free shipping is automatically applied to all orders of $45+ (after any discounts have been applied and before shipping and handling). Occasionally we may have a sitewide promotion offering free shipping on all orders!

Can I use more than one discount code?

If you have more than one code, please determine and choose the code that will give you the best deal! Only one discount code can be applied per order. Please note, some codes are one time use.

Still have ​questions about sales/promotions? Feel free to email us anytime at We are here to help!

What is your return policy?

Returns and exchanges for products purchased directly from our website are accepted within 30 days, in new and unused condition with the original packaging. Returns are charged a $5.95 return shipping fee, but exchanges are free! We are only able to accept returns for orders purchased at Customers wishing to make an exchange or return can click here to initiate the process.

How long does a return/exchange take?

We want to provide you with exceptional customer service. We will do our best to process your return and exchange as quickly as possible. The standard time is 5-7 business days.

How long will it take for my refund to be processed onto my credit card?

We want to get your money back to you as quickly as possible. We will issue a refund to your credit card within 2 business days of receiving the returned item. Depending on the type of credit card used, it may take anywhere from 3-5 business days for the credit to appear on your statement.

Still have ​questions about returns/exchanges? Feel free to email us anytime at We are here to help!

Interested in placing a wholesale order within the US?

If you are interested in placing an order for a US-based business, please contact our wholesale customer sales team via email at

Interested in placing an international wholesale order?

For European or other international retailers looking to place an order, please email We are happy to learn more about your business and interest in our product line!

Distributor Inquiries

Think you have what it takes to be an exclusive Babiators distributor in your market? Send an email to with details about your company, relevant experience, and reason for your interest in Babiators and a member of our sales team will reach out to discuss!

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