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Finn's Story ❤️

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The Babiators team is so inspired by Finn's story and the story of so many other kids who suffer from heart complications that we will be donating 10% of all proceeds from the month of February to the American Heart Association 

Finn's Story ❤️

Written by Kelly (Finn's mom)

We discovered at my 19-week anatomy scan when I was pregnant with him that something was wrong with his heart. The doctors did not see any chambers on the inside of his heart and you were supposed to have four of them. They also discovered abnormal connections around his heart. Doctors predicted that he would not make it to birth due to this condition. But he did. 

Finn was born on 1/2/15 with severe heart disease.

It was just a few days before Finn's first open heart surgery and I was an emotional wreck. I kept thinking about what was going to be the hardest part. At the time, I thought that that moment would be when I saw him for the first time after surgery. Imagine handing off your giggly, smiley, 'healthy' looking three month old knowing that in just hours, the next time you saw them they would be fighting for their life, swollen and hooked up to monitor after monitor and tube after tube. It still makes me sick thinking about it. It's a moment that's really difficult to describe. 

I kept thinking about how hard this moment was going to be for me and how in the world was I going to keep it together and be strong? A friend of mine had liked the Babiators page and so, I took a look. These kids looked way too adorable! I started to picture Finn doing all the fun things these kids were doing in their photos with their Babiators. I ordered a pair (red for the heart of course) and immediately emailed the company asking if there was any way I could ensure that I would receive them before the surgery. 

Little did I know what would transpire. The Babiators team made sure I received the glasses in time, prayed for Finn on surgery day and even called me the night before surgery letting me know they were thinking of him. Talk about inspiring. My heart almost exploded I think. 

So, the morning came and as predicted, I was a mess. After Finn was taken back into the OR, I handed the nurse these glasses and said 'Can you please, please make sure that Finn is wearing these when I see him for the first time. I think it will ease my fears.' Over 8 hours later, after a roller coaster of complications, Michael and I saw Finn for the first time and this was it. Not only were the glasses on but the nurse had styled his mohawk. 

When his second open heart surgery came around in September of 2017 we knew we needed to make sure he had a special pair of shades when he came out of the OR and he indeed did. 

Now, 6 years later, 80 other babies have also been able to have this opportunity at the hospital thanks to Babiators making a donation in honor of Finn as well as many other generous donations to med flight teams and fundraisers to help cure heart disease. 

The very first thing that I thought of when I saw Finn after surgery wasn't about how much pain he was in or the number of tubes coming from his tiny body. Instead I simply smiled and thought 'his future's so bright, he has to wear shades.' I will always believe this is true."

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